Mountfitchet Garden Club

News: April 2024

Our last meeting

The Mountfitchet Garden Club started over 40 years ago and during this time has seen many changes. It is therefore with sadness that this was our last meeting. It was formally agreed at the AGM that due to the falling number of members and rising costs, the Club would close immediately.


Over the years our speakers have entertained, encouraged and passed on valuable information on all aspects of gardening. During the Covid pandemic gardens became a place of solace for so many people; now many organisations are introducing gardening to youngsters so hopefully their love of gardening will continue to grow over the years.


Thank you to all our members, both past and present, who have attended our meetings and outings over the years.  We wish you all the best and hope your gardening journey continues to flourish, fueled by the inspiration of our diverse array of speakers, who we hope have helped to shape your gardens into vibrant havens of beauty and growth.


Best wishes




At our AGM on 3rd April our Chairman, Maralyn Harris, welcomed 19 members and guests with three apologies for absence. Maralyn then gave her report for the 2023-24 year. This was proposed by Chris Tann and seconded by Linda Gurr.

Our Treasurer Sheila Bowles then presented the audited accounts which were proposed by Sandra Embleton and seconded by Tony Gurr.

It was suggested that a  resolution was put to the members that a formal vote should be taken on the closing of the Club. This was carried unanimously.

The minutes and other documentation had been lost during a handover so it was not known what the procedure should be. It was then decided that after any bills and debts had been paid, any monies left would be donated to a village charity. The records and assets would be stored or disposed of as felt fit by the former Committee as at closure

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