Mountfitchet Garden Club

News: August 2022

Seeds – Spread to Survive

Originally booked to speak to the Club in 2020 when Covid struck, members enjoyed the long awaited talk called “Seeds – Spread to Survive” by Mrs Anne Lauder.


Using a power point presentation, where seed photos could be enlarged and seen in detail, the different methods plants, trees and shrubs use to spread their seeds were shown and how the plants have evolved to its surroundings, temperature and fauna was explained and discussed.

With some seeds spread by wind; by floating on water; by birds and animals digesting the berries and depositing the seeds some distance away; to the “velcro” type seed that hook onto animals or clothes; to the shrubs and plants that “shoot” its seeds away from the mother plant (in some cases seeds may be ejected up to 200ft away) – members agreed that it was no surprise how quickly trees, plants and weeds would take over !

close up of thistle seeds

Members Green Bowl Photographic Competition

This month’s photographic competition was won by Ewelina May, with second place given to Maralyn Harris.


Thank you to everyone who took part.

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