Autumn News 2021

The meteorological calendar says the first day of autumn is always 1st September and some tree leaves and plants are starting to change colour or die back but with the mini heatwave at the beginning of September and the possibility of an Indian Summer, many plants are still in full bloom and adding lots of colour to our gardens. Late flowering plants such as dahlias and chrysanthemums are often top-heavy and liable to wind damage so remember to stake them Winter flowering bedding plants eg. Pansies, violas and bellis daisies can be planted in tubs, hanging baskets and window boxes to give you colour throughout the winter months. It’s bulb planting time too – shops and nurseries are stocked up with a variety of bulbs to tempt you.

Get a list going

Autumn is a busy time in both the garden and vegetable plot and with the shortening days it is sometimes a “mad rush” to get all the jobs completed as you slowly put the garden “to bed” for
the winter so write a list, it's easier than trying to keep the To Do Jobs in your head – it's a great feeling too as you cross off the items but remember Mother Nature can be fickle and you could have summer flowers in October and November so be prepared to change the list!
Elderly peopel walking in garden of hyde hall

Go And Enjoy a Garden

With many of the Covid restrictions being lifted over the summer, gardens that specialise in autumn plants and colour are opening once again to visitors. Please check the NGS website to find out local openings. All of the RHS gardens are open, our closest one being Hyde Hall at Rettenden.

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