May Update

As each day lengthens trees, shrubs, plants and bulbs are bursting into life. The buds and blossom on the trees is a sign that Spring is in full flow - some tree flowers are just ornamental whereas fruit tree blossom promises rewards in the late Summer/Autumn.

The birds in the hedgerows and garden shrubs are getting ready for the nesting season, flying hither and thither with twigs etc as their intricate nests are built camouflaged by the new growth. In the garden many of the earlier daffodils have gone over, but tulips are taking their place. From origins in the Ottoman Empire to fame in the Netherlands, this is a flower that has remained popular for centuries. Tulip flowers come in all shapes and colours – some like wine glasses others like a ballerina's tutu.

Also starting to fill those blank spaces are the perennial plants, their new new shoots ready to take over from the spring bulbs. In the next few weeks it will be the time to start sowing annual seeds – one season wonders that will give a splash of colour, most of which are loved by bees and butterflies and can be cut and brought inside to be enjoyed.

This is also the time of year to start sowing your summer crops. Many people grew their own food for the first time last summer, this led to a seed shortage in parts of the country, so make your "shopping list" and enjoy an afternoon out at a nursery/garden centre (socially distanced, of course) and buy your seeds. Word of warning though - with the unpredictable British weather be wary of late frosts so keep an eye on the TV Weather Forecasts before sowing or planting

Please take care everyone and stay safe until this nasty virus has been beaten – we will let everyone know as soon as we get the go-ahead to reconvene meetings

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