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News: February 2023

Growing for the Flower Arranger

The club welcomed back Mrs Maike Windhorst from Wickford. Her “home grown flowers” for the floristry industry has grown and diversified since her last visit in 2016.


Wild flowers, and what used to be considered as weeds, are very popular in floral art nowadays and No Mow May has shown the large number of colourful and unusual plants that we cut down before we see their beauty. She recommended the Hardy Plant Society as a good source of unusual seeds.


Becoming aware of the amount of plastic used in the her garden, she has been experimenting with different methods of growing and displaying flowers using no plastic. The most successful method of producing non-plastic containers is by making hessian “tiles”. Approximately 9” square with the height of the sides dependent upon what was to be planted.

These “tiles” are sewn at the corners to keep their shape, filled with compost and planted up, either to be enjoyed inside and then planted out or planted straight into the garden.


Once planted outside, and over time, the hessian rots down and the compost improves the soil. Her displays of bulbs and, at first, perennial plants proved to be popular with her clients – experimenting further, annuals and biennials were then introduced. Seeds or plug plants extends the range that can be used.


Fellow florists are now experimenting making “tiles” with old woollen clothes. Slides of these tiles being used in her garden and some of her gift displays were shown.

Our Next Meeting

Our March talk will be given by horticultralist Andrew Babicz, who will be giving a talk on seasonal container gardening.


Members: Free
Visitors: £5


The meeting is being held at the Day Centre in Stansted Mountfitchet at 7:30pm.


Plants in containers for emphaisis a talk by horticulturalist Andrew Babicz on season container gardening
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