Flowering Shrubs

“Flowering Shrubs” was the title of Mr George Lockwood’s talk earlier this year.

Hailing from Enfield, he pursued his love of gardening by attending courses at Capel Manor where, he admits, he managed to get his tongue around Latin Names! He cares for five gardens and is totally organic. The wide variety of flowering shrubs enables him to make each garden individual, although some plants are “too good” not to be used in them all. Using a series of slides, members were guided through Spring on size, location, flower colour, fragrance and pruning. Generous mulching and feeding is recommended. A recipe for homemade plant food was given: Using a 4pt plastic milk bottle, half-fill with chopped comfrey or nettle leaves then top up with water.

Leave at the back of the shed to ferment (usually a couple of months). When ready to use put 1cup to 5ltrs of water. Do not water the foliage but the ground around the shrub every 2/3 months throughout the summer. Make regularly thus ensuring a constant supply of plant food.

Warning: The mixture smells if you leave the lid off!!!

Evergreen shrubs are recommended to ensure continuity throughout the year. The talk ended with slides of various gardens eg. eonardslee and Wakehurst Palace where the flowering shrub displays were breathtaking.

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