Summer News 2021

Staycations & Gardens

Once again our gardens are becoming more important as summer approaches and Staycations are being advised . For many the garden has now become an extension to the house as more time is being spent outside. Many of the items on peoples' “To Do List” were completed last year, so if you haven't thought of more projects to undertake this summer, then perhaps this year we can all benefit by just sitting back, relaxing and enjoying the sun.

As some of the Lockdown Restrictions are slowly being lifted if you are looking for somewhere to visit and meet up with friends or family the RHS Gardens are open. Many of the Yellow Book NGS Gardens are starting to reopen and flower shows and plant fairs are being planned for the summer too. But remember to check on the relevant websites as many gardens still require you to book in advance.


Hopefully you are all enjoying being able to get out into the garden and are making the most of the sunny weather.

The harvesting of vegetable patches has begun - home grown food tastes so different, the short time between plot and pot makes such a difference. The flower borders are a bursting with colour too – it's amazing how much growth and colour you get from those small seeds and tiny plants in just a couple of months! And, if you sit with your eyes closed and just listen – the garden is alive with the buzz of bees and bird song.
Dead-heading your plants and roses will help them to continue to  flower over the summer. Some plants though need “a real hair-cut” - hardy geraniums are a good example.

When the first flush of flowers is over, cut the plants right down leaving just the newest shoots  and you will get a second flush of flowers towards the end of the summer – and don't waste the cut down leaves and stems put them into the compost heap. It is also an ideal time to start sowing biennial  seeds (sweet william, wallflowers, honesty. foxgloves etc.) so they get a head start.
They will start to flower as early as May next year.

British Empire Medal for Freda

I thought members and friends of the club would like to know that, on one of our coach trips, we visited “Freda's Garden” in Bromley.

Freda Davis looks after her garden on her own and has shared it with groups and the public for over 12 years and during this time has raised £80,000 for the NSPCC. Her efforts were recognised by the Queen and she was awarded the British Empire Medal in this year's Honour List.

I'm sure you will join me in congratulating her on this wonderful recognition.

Future Meetings

At the moment the Day Centre is still closed. But there is “light at the end of the tunnel” as there are on-going talks with a third party regarding the running of the centre. As soon as we hear anything we will let everyone know.

In the meantime, with the promise that many of the restrictions are to be lifted, do take extra care of yourselves and keep safe.

Enjoy your garden!

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