May News 2022

Attracting Birds and Wildlife

The subject of the Club's first meeting of the new season was Attracting Birds and Wildlife.

Roger Hance, a talented photographer, used a series of slides to explain how to encourage a variety of birds, insects, amphibians and animals into your garden. As birds need an easy escape route from predators, care should be taken when positioning bird tables and feeding stations.

By planting berry-bearing shrubs and positioning the bird table nearby, the birds will feel safe and enjoy the berries whilst waiting to use the bird table.

A recipe for homemade fat balls was given, along with a warning that dry bread should not be given to birds; always soak it as it can choke fledglings.

He recommended adding a pond to your garden as this acts as a magnet to wildlife and will enhance the food chain. Care should be taken to ensure there is a shallow area for birds to bathe and mammals to drink, but also a deeper area for amphibians to live, with water edge plants and stones giving extra hiding places.

Nectar-rich flowers will encourage bees, butterflies and moths and a bug hotel will give protection during the winter months.

Our Next Meeting

For our June Meeting club will be welcoming Keiran Leigh Olivier of the Human Roots who will talk about the charity and it's aims, and reconnecting you to the living world around you.

Human Roots - a tlak by Mrs Keiran Leigh Olivier

Why not join our club?

If you are interested in joining our club and benefit from a full year of interesting meetings and outings, then why not join today.

Our membership fee is £25 per person.

Visitors are always welcome to our meetings - there is a nominal charge of £5.00 per person - so why not pop along and find out what we are all about.

Meetings are held on the first Wednesday of the month (with the exception of January) unless an evening visit has been arrange.

View of our programme of events for details.

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