September Club Update

It doesn't seem possible that we are now officially in Autumn - the spring and summer seem to have flown by and we have all been living with the Covid-19 virus for over six months now!

Hopefully you have kept well and have been able to get out into your gardens and allotments and made the most of the enforced lockdown time and are now reaping the benefits of a good harvest and have had plenty of flowers and shrubs throughout the summer to brighten your homes and gardens. With some of the NGS/National Trust/English Heritage as well as some private gardens opening you may have been able to take advantage of the good weather and the relaxation of some of the lockdown restrictions and ventured further afield. Although a lot of our hobbies and pastimes have been curtailed at least we have been able to enjoy getting outside either pottering or just relaxing.

I think these restrictions have made us all appreciate living where we do. As the days are now getting shorter and there is a nip in the air, we can look forward to the final blaze of colour as the leaves change into their autumn hues and the late summer flowers steal the show in the garden - do send photos of your gardens, allotments or gardens you would recommend to visit to me for our website.

Club Meeting Update
Unfortunately, there is no news regarding when the Day Centre will be reopening for club bookings or when we will get the "thumbs up" to start club meetings again so sadly the October and November meetings have been cancelled. But our club isn't the only village organization in this state of limbo and I'm sure everyone will be celebrating when we get the news that everyone's' club meetings can be resumed. I know that over the summer some clubs have tried (socially distanced) meetings/get togethers in the open, but as our speakers tend to use electrical equipment and the screen it would have been difficult. The TV companies have tried to help with the withdrawal systems though - as well as our "old faithful" Gardeners World, there have been several new gardening programmes from different parts of the country to give us ideas and more places to put on our "Must Visit" List!
Club AGM
As you know we normally have our AGM in April, but this was postponed. We have received guidance from the RHS today to say that due to these extraordinary times, AGMs can now be held when the club deems it to be safe - so we will hold ours before the next meeting we have. We will keep you posted should anything change.

The Mystery has been Solved!

A couple of years ago on a family visit to Hyde Hall, my grandson was watching gardeners picking seedheads, he told them that's what his Nana did and one of the gardeners said " would you like this for her" and gave him a seedhead.  He was so chuffed and the seeds were duly planted and they all grew!

We had no idea what the plants were, and intrigued by the mystery some of you purchased some of these young plants at a club meeting and at the WI Table Top Sale.  Last year the plants grew bigger but no flowers - so still a mystery. However, being patient is one of the things you learn as a gardener, as finally, this summer, the plants flowered. The name of the mystery plant is Eurybia Divaricata or White Wood Aster.

It has dainty narrow black stems laden with masses of tiny pinky - white flowers with yellow centres and blooms from late summer onwards. It thrives in a variety of soil and light conditions, but is best used in dry, shady locations. After trying for ages to find out about the plant, it has now appeared twice on Gardener's World during the summer!

The first time Monty Don took some cuttings from his plant and the second time was just a couple of weeks ago when Adam Frost planted a group of them in his garden - I wonder how many of you jumped up and down like I did and said "That's what I've got growing!!" . Hope you have enjoyed seeing them flower - the hover flies certainly like them!

Link Magazine Request

I have had the following request from the Editor of The Link Magazine - "Do you think there is anyone in your club who would be prepared to supply us with some monthly gardening tips as we no longer have our regular contributor on this subject."
If you are interested and would like to know more about what is required etc. - please contact Sarah Ludlow-Elston on .

Looking at ways to keep in touch

The Committee are looking into various things we can do to keep in touch with everyone and the new ZOOM computer programme has been mentioned. Can you let me know if you have the facility to use this programme.
We are aware that not everyone is au-fait with this system, has the equipment to use it or is even on email, but with the internet being the only way some people have been able to communicate with and to see family and friends over the past months, more members may now be on line. It would give us an idea of which members have this capability.

Take care everyone and stay safe.

Happy Gardening

Maralyn Harris
Chairman - Mountfitchet Garden Club

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