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News: September 2022

Best Flowers and Shrubs to plant for Autumn

Members welcomed back Mr George Lockwood who presented the next talk in the series “Flowering Shrubs for each month” – this time it was for September and October.


Issuing a list of the shrubs being shown for future reference when looking for that special plant, it was possible to see the how many shrubs are in flower or give spectacular leaf colour in the autumn and know the correct name for them.


Advice on the best position to site the shrubs, type of soil required, whether annual pruning or just “tidying up” was required and the overall height/spread was given.

close up of a ladybird on a green leaf
close up of water from watering can by lettuce leaves
Image by Karolina / Kaboompics |

Being an organic gardener and looking after five gardens, members were encouraged not to use pesticides as these often kill “friendly” insects but instead to use natural means to get a happy balance in the garden. 


One ladybird larvae will consume 50 or more aphids in one day and in it’s adult form will eat 100+.


The lacewing larvae loves eating aphids so much and eats so many, (estimated to be up to 100 – 600 in it’s lifetime) it is known as the “Aphid Lion” !

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