Keeping Chickens



Members were introduced to ‘Keeping Chickens’ by Claudia Audley of Bury Green Poultry.

Claudia started keeping chickens when she was six and over the years has turned her hobby into a successful poultry breeding business. The presentation covered the equipment needed, type of food: from ‘just hatched’ to ‘layers’, pellets to treats, medical issues fowl might encounter, types of hen houses and equipment available, the Law (noise, avian flu etc) and the various breeds and their egg-laying capability.

Bury Green Poultry have a mixture of pure breed and cross-breed chickens and they produce ‘rainbow’ coloured eggs – pink, olive, blue, dark brown, beige and white – which are sold at the Little Hadham Farmers’ Market.

At the moment there is a two/three month waiting list if you wish to purchase bantams to raise in your garden.

As well as really fresh eggs another added advantage is chickens love slugs which are the gardeners’ nemesis and they eat most kitchen scraps. Their manure is good for the garden too! However, the feathered Star of the Evening was Freddie, a Pekin Gold Laced Frizzel Bantam who sat in Claudia’s hands all evening and was quite content to be used as a model. (Frizzel’s feathers grow the opposite way so they always look as though they are having ‘a bad hair day’).

A lively question and answer session followed. Produce was for sale too.

Rose Bowl Competition
Congratulations to Ewelina May who won the competition