Pin Me To The Wall & Do What You Want With Me

Now did we get your attention?

This was the intriguing title of a talk given to the Mountfitchet Garden Club by Andrew Mikolajski who entertained members with his knowledge of climbers and wall shrubs.

He gave a wealth of ideas and hints on where to position the plants, how to prune them, easy methods of attaching the plants to the walls and how to train the plants to ensure they show off their flowers were explained with great enthusiasm.

Using a series of slides, members were shown some large houses, which are open to the public, where plants have, over the years been trained to cover the buildings and garden walls.

York Gate House, near Leeds in Yorkshire, is a good example of how a pyracantha can be trained to cover a house. To reach this standard, he joked, requires patience and a lot of staff !

However by using “tricks” like pig wire gardeners are able to attach the plants and train them easily in a domestic-sized garden.

Although considered Out of Season, a visit to gardens in the winter will often show the framework and pruning methods used to achieve the summer displays. A lively Q&A session followed the talk.