The importance of water in the garden

Darren Lerigo gave a talk to our group in September on “Diluted – the importance of water in the garden”.

He has found that gardening in Essex, one of the driest areas of the UK with its lower rainfall and the strong, drying winds was a challenge! With so many  patios, drives, new buildings etc, a lot of rainwater flows quickly into the drains or evaporates before it has a chance to be used or stored.

Darren explained that as water plays a massive part in the landscape, our gardens and our lives – both the fear of not having it and the chaos of having too much of it; “water deserves more of our time and attention”.

pexels-photo-207231.jpegMembers were told how important it is to conserve water and were then shown ideas on how to make a ‘rain garden’ by slowing the run-off, diverting rain through deep planters or directing the flow towards ‘water hungry’ plants such as rhubarb and fruit trees.